Football 2.0 How the world's best play the modern game

Grant Wahl

"Hardly anyone gets so much access to players, thinks so hard about what he hears and tells it so well" — Simon Kuper

Through extensive interviews with one player in every key position on and off the pitch, Grant Wahl (Sports Illustrated) breaks down the technical and tactical revolution that has transformed football.

  • Manuel Neuer explains how he invented the sweeper keeper role
  • Vincent Kompany reveals how to outfox Messi and outmuscle Zlatan
  • Xabi Alonso shares the ingredients of the perfect pass
  • Chicharito explores the art of finding space inside the penalty box
  • Christian Pulisic dissects the decision-making behind his dribbles
  • Roberto Martinez describes the analysis underpinning his attacking philosophy
  • Michael Zorc breaks down Borussia Dortmund’s Moneyball model

Wahl sits down with each of these world-class talents to analyse hours of game footage, gaining insights that only those at the top of the sport can offer. The result is a complete picture of modern football, from the boot room to the board room.