Mastermind How Dave Brailsford Reinvented the Wheel

Richard Moore

Richard Moore’s profile of Dave Brailsford, Mastermind, gives a unique insight into the psychology of the head of Team Sky and one of the most fascinating figures in world sport.

Brailsford spearheaded the track cycling revolution in Britain, helping turn the nation into a superpower. He is head of Team Sky and oversaw Bradley Wiggins’ victory at the 2012 Tour de France as well as Chris Froome’s at the 2013 Tour. But who is the man behind the mask? This is a portrait of one of the most enigmatic presences in world sport; an exploration of his background, a unique insight into the formation of his methodology and an analysis of how he has forged a new path in a sport riven with controversy.

Richard Moore is part of The Cycling Podcast.