Please send any general enquiries to or contact us on Twitter @backpagepress or on Facebook.

For rights enquiries or other trade stuff, drop Neil a line –

Now, for writers thinking of submitting book proposals, I’m afraid we have had to change our policy. We have been receiving so many submissions that it has been impossible to give each one the proper consideration and response within a respectful timescale. At the same time, we publish only two or three books per year and we always have a backlog of ideas we are pursuing.

With this in mind, and after a lot of deliberation, we’ve decided to close our open submission policy. That means that we’ll speak to agents about authors they represent, and we’ll always be available to those writers we have a relationship with, but we can no longer guarantee that we will read and respond to every proposal sent in directly by new writers.

If you still think you have a book that we could work together on, send your proposal to but please accept our apologies if it does not get a response.