Please send any general enquiries to or contact us on Twitter @backpagepress or on Facebook.

For rights enquiries or other trade stuff, drop Neil a line –

We’re always looking for new writers and we’d love to hear about your idea, but before you email, please read the following tips…

  • We get about 150 proposals per year, and we publish three books each year. It takes a very, very good idea to break into our plans.
  • As a result, it takes a while for us to read all the proposals. It might take a month before you hear back from us.
  • We recommend you put together a detailed proposal: one-page synopsis; chapter breakdown; list of interviews completed and planned; research tasks including travel; market analysis; brief author bio.
  • We have to make sure our projects will interest a wide audience. If you’re putting together a story about a big moment in the history of your favourite football club, we’re almost certainly not the publisher for you.
  • If you stick to these guidelines and think you have a project we would be interested in, please send it to