Daniel Bent on Qaddafi’s Point Guard

Daniel Bent talks about ‘Qaddafi’s Point Guard,’ basketball player Alex Owumi’s incredible tale of his time in Libya playing for Colonel Gaddafi’s basketball team. “It paints a real image of the horror faced.”

Alex Owumi’s story is a truly inspirational and epic journey, following his love of basketball all over the world. When playing in Libya for Qaddafi’s basketball team, civil war breaks out, leaving Alex stranded and trapped in his apartment.

With no phone, Internet, food or even water, Alex’s account is both insightful and disturbing, painting a real image of the horror that was faced.

Doing what was necessary to survive and escape the conflict, we find out the lengths that Alex goes to in order to see his family again and continue his basketball career.

The fairytale ending is complete as Alex becomes a champion, helping El-Olympi in Egypt to a league championship, and earning MVP honours, before moving on to England where he wins further trophies with the Worcester Wolves.

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