Father’s Day? How about a book of nostalgic football poetry that funds a brilliant charity?

A few years ago, we got involved with a project called Football Memories. Run by Alzheimer Scotland, these groups help improve the lives of people with dementia by using old images to start discussions about players, teams and matches from years ago. I’ve sat in on a few of these sessions and the transformation in the people present is staggering.

We made a website where anyone could add their Football Memory, and we got it started by asking people including Kevin Bridges, Pat Nevin, Lorraine Kelly, Alex Salmond, and Amy Macdonald for their stories.

This week, the Football Memories project launched a book of poetry about football, called Mind The Time.


Here’s one of my favourites from the book. If you want to buy a copy for yourself or someone you love who loves football, then do it here, and you’ll also be helping a brilliant charity.


Neil BackPage

‘Denis has done it’

by Andy Jackson

(Manchester United 0 Manchester City 1, April 1974)

I run the tape, and then rerun it,
focus on his downcast eyes. The pitch is
now a minefield. Denis has done it.

Season’s end, yet one last summit
to ascend; my right heel twitches
every time I run the tape then rerun it.

The netting billows. City have won it,
years before their desert-gotten riches
change the game, Denis has done it.

He walks away, his golden mullet
limp in the Old Trafford sun, switches
off, slumps. I run the tape and then rerun it.

How many years must he have run it
through his mind, this emptiest of victories?
I run the tape, and then rerun it.
No celebration; Denis has done it.