Guidetti vs Hester – who is the king of the hyped-up post-game interview?

Today we saw this great post-game interview with John Guidetti. He’s just been part of Sweden’s 4-1 win over Denmark in the UEFA Under-21 Championship.

Post-match, Guidetti inhabits that fascinating place between anger and ecstacy that elite sportsman sometimes access. Scientists call this the Ketsbaia Zone. At one point the interviewer asks: Why are you mad? You should be happy?

Your takeaways from this clip: Don’t talk smack if you can’t back it up. Don’t start an improvised song about a team-mate on live television unless you are prepared to commit. Like Guidetti. Also, if you’re not Sweden, you can go home.

This reminded us of one of our favourite YouTube fall-backs, for when we’re feeling unmotivated and a little lost in the world. This post-gamer from US high school footballer Apollos Hester remains a constant inspiration.

We love how Apollos connects every aspect of the game with life. Sometimes you’re gonna start slow. All it takes is an attitude. And if you fall down… just get up. Your mom and dad are gonna be there. God is gonna be there. Hey, Apollos is going to be there. It’s gonna be alright. Keep smiling. Awesome.