Kevin McCluskie on Football Against The Enemy

Kevin McCluskie talks about ‘Football Against The Enemy’ by Simon Kuper. The author travelled to 22 countries from South Africa to Italy, from Russia to the USA, to examine the way football has shaped them. “A groundbreaking sports book.”

If you’re interested in the social, cultural, and political elements of football and the stories that go with them, then Football Against The Enemy is a must read.

There is no other sport in the world that has the same impact on everyday life as football and Kuper has captured this brilliantly, bringing many fascinating stories to life.

With tales as diverse as the Stasi keeping files on Hertha Berlin fans, the cultural influences on Helenio Herrera’s tactical innovations, Barcelona and Catalan independence, and general political interference in the beautiful game, Football Against The Enemy has become one of my ‘go to’ books.

I’ve read it countless times, some chapters more than others, and it never gets old.

Kevin McCluskie is a sports market researcher and blogger.

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