Martin Talbot on My Father and Other Working Class Football Heroes

Martin Talbot talks about ‘My Father And Other Working Class Football Heroes’ by Gary Imlach, a moving memoir. “Grubby, real, thrilling and sad, Imlach’s attitude and integrity shine through.”

Gary Imlach is an established sports commentator / presenter best known for anchoring the cycling and American Football coverage on Channel 4, Eurosport and Sky. But he is also the son of former professional footballer Stewart Imlach, whose career spanned more than 400 matches in the English and Scottish leagues during the 1950s and 60s.

Father Imlach was an unremarkable footballer, playing most of his games before the abolition of the maximum wage, an era which now seems a different universe to the billionaire-led game of today. As a result, this fantastic book provides a fascinating view of how the world used to be, packed full of insight and anecdotes, including the tale of a senior FA grandee who, needing a plumber, called a local firm – only for all-time great Tom Finney to turn up on his doorstep to install his new sink.

Superbly crafted by Imlach – whose journalistic credentials shine through – this should be required reading for all modern footballers, to remind themselves how lucky they are.

Martin Talbot is a Dad and a movie buff.

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