Iain MacGregor on Preferred Lies

Iain McGregor talks about his No.1 sports book, ‘Preferred Lies’, Andrew Greig’s contemplation on his formative years, disguised as a book about golf.
‘A heart-rending love letter to his lost youth and to his long-dead, beloved father.’

Being born and bred in England, even if of Scottish parents, always made me feel inferior when visiting the relatives back home. I felt distance between us and was easily swayed to seek my fortune in London when the time came to establishing a career and starting a family.

One book changed all that. Preferred Lies inspired me to re-connect with my Scottish heritage more than any other piece of writing. Andrew Greig’s superb homage to his formative years spent honing his golfing craft, alongside his brother and father, on the majestic links of St Andrews is an elegy to his boyhood. Revisiting his past glories as a young golfing protégé, Greig embarks upon an odyssey of golfing karma. It is a heart-rending love letter to his lost youth and to his long-dead, beloved father.

A book that sometimes reduced me to quiet tears, it is quite simply superb.

Iain McGregor is the author of To Hell On A Bike a newly released autobiographical tale of a middle-age father of two who decides to man up and train and ride the Paris-Roubaix

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