Sport books to read on the beach

A few years ago I read a survey on where people take their book recommendations from. Social media was bottom of the list. Word of mouth was top. Tips from friends – or like-minded acquaintances – remain the most powerful means of spreading the word about a book. In an algorithm-driven world, there is something comforting in that.

We decided to curate some recommendations from people who are interested in sports books. We started a ‘My Favourite Sports Books’ section on our website last year and asked people to submit reviews of 150 words maximum. We now have around 40 short reviews on a wide variety of classic sports books. If you are looking for a beach read, have a browse. If it inspires you to write a review of your own, please do so (details below). We’ll put it on the site.

One of the best sports books of this year is ‘Forever Young’ by Oliver Kay. Here’s a blog I was inspired to write about it. Mike Calvin’s back catalogue is impressive. Matt McKeen reviewed Mike’s book on football scouting ‘The Nowhere Men’. I’d urge you to also check out Mike’s first book, Family, a year spent behind the scenes at Millwall FC.

If you are interested in something non-sport related, check out ‘Black-Box Thinking‘ by Matthew Syed.

Enjoy the summer!

Martin BackPage

*Review your favourite sports book in 150 words or less. Don’t tell us what the book’s about – make it personal, tell us what it was about the book that connected to you. Email it to The best will go on the blog.