Pete Burns on The Secret Race

Pete Burns of Arena Sport talks about ‘The Secret Race,’ Tyler Hamilton’s painful tell-all account of life in the EPO-boosted fast lane of pro cycling in the Lance Armstrong era.
‘The first book that I genuinely couldn’t put down.’

The greatest sports books have one thing in common: they draw you in and don’t let go. They reverberate around your head for days, weeks, months, years afterwards. They are recurrent subjects in the pub or over dinner. They stay with you long after you regretfully turn that final page. There are several sports books that fall into that category for me. But I can only pick one here.
The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton cost me a full night’s sleep. It is the first book that I genuinely couldn’t put down. I had some discomfort that my purchase handed royalties to a cheat, but his exposé of the Lance Armstrong days is just jaw-dropping throughout and Hamilton’s remorse is palpable. Not only did the cheating damage cycling forever, it scarred Hamilton for life. Two marriages and still tormented by depression, Hamilton’s pain from those days continues. Utterly compelling.

Pete Burns is the sports editor of Arena Sport, who make fine sport books, some of them with us.

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