Martí Perarnau on The Greatest: My Own Story

Martí Perarnau talks about ‘El Más Grande. Mi propia historia / The Greatest. My own story’, Muhammad Ali’s timeless reflections on his extraordinary life and career. “Published in 1975, it is as fresh and absorbing as ever.”

In 1975, Muhammad Ali decided to tell his story and asked Richard Durham to help him write ‘The Greatest. My Own Story’, a wonderful book which recounts the story of this outstanding sportsman during a long, productive and inspiring career.

The book opens in 1973  with Ali’s painful defeat at the hands of Ken Norton and concludes with the legendary ‘Thrilla in Manila’ which saw him triumph over Joe Frazier.

The book is 500 pages long and tells you everything you could wish to know about this giant among men.  The closing chapter relates a conversation between the then Philipino president, Marcos, and the fighter and is absoutely enthralling stuff.

It has been 40 years since the book was first published in 1975 but it is as fresh and absorbing as ever.

Martí Perarnau is a former Olympic high jumper who now works as a journalist and author. In 2014, he wrote Pep Confidential

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